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{Sycamorium} Gravkoc [9]


Oct 8, 2011
We're back with a band new invention - Vanilla Ice.

This is Gravkoc 5.0.
We have risen from the Ashes of Koc,
and have rebuilt our mighty Croc.
We shall no longer live in the forests,
We've come to claim our rightful chorus.
The gods will sing of our valour,
As we slowly tend and heal our pallor.

Pm the crabby patty formula in game to Graink if you want to join our Kingdom.
  • Graink
  • Klrocks0
  • Krangite
  • Tom_the_gnome
  • Look_out
  • Ridgerows
  • Gixxy
  • Daetak
  • Sheamak
@TimForReal This might need to be moved to town planning, I didn't realize. Also, could I please have an hc.to link to this thread?
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Jun 25, 2011
sing sing I will never use Bing then I will go and ping mid before I bid for a rari and i pop a glock in ya tummy gravkoc is what we do and ya mom is part of our crew


Jun 29, 2011

Due to recent TC tactics and updates, the TC Nation is temporarily disbanded. During our last meeting on 11/1/15, we agreed that there is significantly less PVP from the dungeon update, and we no longer want to fund the "free nation". Our original plan was to bring towns in who needed help with money and help them grow into a community like ours. We never added a nation tax for the towns so there were only benefits joining the Nation and without any downsides. I am not saying that the update killed PVP, or bashing staff for improving the server. This is just he best direction to take our Nation for the next upcoming weeks.

The first week of the nation it was costing us about 1200c a day to keep our towns and nation alive since we paid the Gravkoc, Undergrowth, and TC Nation tax. We then promoted all active players to council, made the tax 100% of your bank account, and then sucked all the money from the inactive players. This only gave us about 6000c, which is only enough to last us 5 days. Even though HolyRane, Aryios, and myself were bringing in 5k a day to fund the Nation, we believe this isn't where our money should be spent. Our objective is to help build a community and help new players learn the server. HolyRane mentioned to me that Undergrowth is essentially just a noob town. We bring people in as soon as they join the server, give them free housing, protection, minerals, and materials to build something to call home. Once these players level up and break about 1000c they leave and join other nations. This is now our main objective because it helps keep players on the server and populates the current Nations and Towns.

Our Nation also had a couple reputable PVP groups that have been around for years and they were looking forward to war with other Nations. Kainzo announced TNT and war will be added soon since dungeons were the primary focus, and we also agreed that it would provided more content rather than blowing up each others towns. After talking to other Nation leaders, I learned that Celvick thinks HolyRane and I are 4 years old and are here to sabotage the server, therefore their nation would never go to war with ours. I talk to Dwarfers about a month ago and he said that their main focus is building their towns and nation, so I did not find it fair to attack them while they were preparing for the war add-on. This means 0 war which eliminated potential PVP once again.

I decided that our only allies would be the active groups / players in my Teamspeak that I can trust and who believe the direction we are taking is the correct one. This means if you are not part of Gravkoc, Undergrowth, or Kenneth_Chow/Munchlax town, you are no longer an allie. This is not intended to ruin our relationship with our old allies, but to provide more PVP between our old nation towns and the server.

I personally do not care for the lack of PVP since my primary focus is Undergrowth and helping new players. With the extra money Gravkoc will have, we plan to have community events. For example I am buying a few stacks of Tokens of Favor so I can do a 30-60min 500% exp boost. Once the dungeons and towny (war aspect of towny) are tweaked more, we plan on remaking the Nation since it only takes a few commands and 5000c.

This "Update" on our Nation, Towns, and clan is not intended to say the recent updates killed the server or our goals. I am also not bashing Kainzo or the rest of the staff for the new update. Just like every other major patch Kainzo releases, things need tweaked. He has always pulled through and provided us with content that provided us fun and laughter with friends. I made this so when people keep /pm me about what the hell happens, I can link them this thread. This helps my fingers so I don't have to type this update to 200 people. Sorry if you hate my formatting or if I repeated some stuff more than once, I am posting this now before my next class and I don't really care for the grammar Nazis.