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Tiltwo- The Pirates of Paradise [No Longer Recruiting!]


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Feb 21, 2015
This was made in Google Docs. To view it there, click this link. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FBVMTrYxL6FkW3Tc7A3UIt5HHokf1rYGJe7w90q1-yk/edit?usp=sharing

The Island Capital of Tiltwo



The Empire of New Delve, the oldest standing nation of the current day, spreads its reaches across the realm, and opens its doors to diversity and change. Such a declaration was proven when they relocated the capital to Tiltwo to appease rebel forces, as Tiltwo occupied only a minority of Delvians and consisted of almost no citizens of the direct Delvian bloodline. With the royal house making its home in this strange island bastion, the mixed styles of an ancient culture, native to the land, pirates, who had only arrived there two centuries prior, and the aforementioned royalty of an entire empire, the style of the town was increasingly diverse. And now Tiltwo stands, a diverse capital of both a minority and a majority, to rule the largest and oldest nation of Citadel.


The Lore of Tiltwo is a work in progress, please be patient.


Note: The government carries heavy influence from the Lore, yet the lore is not yet released. This is mentioned to note that some things may seem confusing and random, but in fact they are taken from the lore.

High Administration

The Emperor: The Emperor runs Tiltwo from an outside perspective- but rules the nation as a whole. He has a seat as the official King of Tiltwo, but in national politics he is usually regarded as his own representative and another individual, the actual title holder of King, represents Tiltwo.


The King: The King of Tiltwo represents Tiltwo in national politics and rules Tiltwo from an inside perspective. He is responsible for most of the duties regarding Tiltwo unless it is major enough to concern the Emperor. While the official ‘King’ is the Emperor, the actually King occupies the rank of SiC, but do not be fooled, he is actually much more powerful.


The Regent: Serving as the actual SiC of Tiltwo is the Regent, who runs Tiltwo from behind the scenes and under the high royalty.


Representative: One representative from each major political gains a seat in the high administration of Tiltwo. They represent their party in politics and works to ensure their morals are not broken.

Tilt Party- @Vacant Wo Party- @Vacant Bloodlin Party- @Vacant Clann Party- @Vacant

General Royality: Any member of the Royal House occupies a place here, helping run the city.

General Administration

While the High Administration holds power in Law, the General Administration holds power in influence, usually through the power of the Clergy.

High Priest: While general considered a generic name, the High Priest simply has no other title to fit it. All priests of certain gods go to him, and he represents a majority of the gods themselves in one embodiment. The High Priest usually holds so much power that his legs are broken, making him immobile and unable to bring blessing bestowed by the gods onto other lands.

Prior: Usually referred to as ‘Major Priest’, a Prior runs a church under a specific god.

Priest/Priestesses: There are usually around 12 priests per religious structure, serving under the Prior. They help guide souls towards ‘the light’ or ‘the darkness’, depending on which deity you worship.

Low Administration

Simply the people of Tiltwo. They hold strong influence to officials. They can usually be classified into five political parties.

Tilt Party: The Tilt Party consists of those who wish to preserve the sea bearing ways of the Pirates. They encourage a strong military power and imperialism.

Wo Party: The Wo party wish to preserve the ancient ways of Tiltwo and keeping national monuments in tact. They promote strong democracy and nationalism.

Bloodlin Party: The newest and dominate party of Tiltwo, the Bloodlin Party was brought to Tiltwo alongside the capital and represents strong central government and high imperialism.

Clann Party: The Clann Party is for those who make up minority parties, such a the Farmers Guild, BlackSmithery, etc.

Sustainee: For those who wish to declare themselves independent people of Tiltwo with their personal values.


  1. ~Lying when confronted by authority will result in punishment and loss of privileges; excessive violation of this law will result in a permanent ban from Tiltwo and put on the national blacklist.~
  2. ~Killing without proper reasoning is considered barbaric and prohibited by law.~
  3. ~Assisting those in need is considered lawful, and leaving brethren without help is illegal.~
  4. ~If honored by another individual, it is expected you honor them back.~
  5. ~Stealing from any region within the nation is strictly unallowed.~
  6. ~Hostility towards any member of the nation is disallowed.~
  7. ~You shall not promote and extreme viewpoint.~
  8. ~Place an ~ after your timezone to prove you have read and will adhere to the rules.~
  9. ~You shall not represent the town in a way that is considered ‘Toxic’ or ‘Noobish’, however this law is flexible.
    Don’t say offensive comments to another member of the nation.~
  10. ~Use common sense. If something isn’t a written law doesn’t mean you won’t be punished if it’s obviously frowned upon.~
Some Of The Many Reasons To Choose Tiltwo

You may be reading this and wondering what quite makes Tiltwo a more suitable choice than other cities throughout Citadel. Listed below are a few- however some are not mentioned and are ready for you to explore once you join.

    • Tiltwo’s designers have designed an undeground system that allows citizens to escape raiders that is 90% effective, granted you're not one slow snail.​
    • The community at Tiltwo thrives off one another. It isn’t designed for those anti-social and un-helpful, but for those who wish to work together in forming the perfect utopia.​
    • The leaders of Tiltwo don’t run the town for personal profit. Ask any of them, we dump our hearts and souls (and more importantly, coins) into the town, and all we request in return is respect. The tax isn’t for money- it’s for keeping the town afloat.​
    • We don’t charge money for houses, in fact, we despise that system. We practice the ideology that people shouldn’t have to pay for a place simply to store things. Houses are earned by merit and activity. Stay active and friendly, and you’ll have no problem earning better estate!​
    • Alongside the taxes and zero-charge houses, we keep money required to a minimum. If you’re feeling generous, we encourage donations! How is the a benefit to choosing Tiltwo? Well, when all your friends, leaders, and you yourself donate towards the town bank, the town is able to help you out when you’re needing help on funds!​
    • Here at Tiltwo, you don’t have to worry about sexism, racism, or anything offensive towards sexual orientation, or any other offensive minority comments. Leaders will quickly lash at members who do so.​
Application Questionnaire

We’re happy to have your consideration in joining Tiltwo. Simply fill out an application and post below.



TeamSpeak3 & Skype accessibility:

Duration of time on Herocraft:

Combat Class & Level:

Profession & Level:

Why Tiltwo:

What Political Party In Tiltwo Strikes Your Fancy?

What do you enjoy most about Herocraft, or Minecraft in general:

Previous Towns:

[If Applicable] Why did you leave, or kicked:

What are you strongest qualities:

What are you weakest qualities:

[Will Not Affect Acceptance] PvE or PvP:

Applicant Guidelines

Do not plead with administration of Tiltwo for your application to be reviewed. It will be looked over when we have time.

Applications are not accepted after an original denial unless recommended by a current member of Tiltwo.

If you cannot use the ~ key, please mention that in your application.

Read the rules!

Important Note

If you’re below the age of fourteen, you will be evaluated in-game.

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Feb 21, 2015
~Citizens and Officals~

High ranking leaders
King: GodOfGales
Second In Command: Perboni, Bradleyley
Sentinel: Position open!

Upper ranking officials
Head Helper: Position open!
Head Exchequer: Selenide
Head Scribe: Position open!
Council Members: _Trains_, WiThInSpAcE, , Position(s) open!

All HEAD officials are a part of the Council, but do not share the same tasks as the normal Council position, unless they are both.

Lower ranking officials
Guards: WiThInSpAcE, Positions open!
Scribes: Bradleyley, ILikeTrains, Positions open!
Exchequers: Selenide, Positions open!
Helpers: Positions open!
Special notes: ILikeTrains with Real-estate and tourism.


To be updated soon!
You! Apply to Tiltwo, format above!

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Feb 21, 2015

Work on forming the island, ask Bradleyley how you can help!
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Feb 21, 2015
~News and Events~

Happy New Year! Tiltwo would like to thank everyone who helped grow Tiltwo from September Fourth of Two Thousand Fifteen and now look forward to those to help grow it in Two Thousand Sixteen.
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Feb 21, 2015
~Foreign Relations~

Karrual(will get back to spelling that correctly)

Discuss an alliance with your town via GodOfGales!

Non-hostility agreements:
Discuss a non-hostility agreement with GodOfGales

Undeclared enemies:

Vault 77

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Oct 29, 2014
IGN: BeethovenSonata
Age/Timezone: 16 Hawaiian Time Zone ~
How long have you been on Herocraft?: I've no idead but im guessing a couple months.
Would you prefer to progress within the Clergy or Royalty?: Actually i'm fine with the peasantry but I guess royalty
Strengths?: Generally nice, hard worker and helpful
Weaknesses?: I can't pvp, I don't like to do it and I rather suck at it.


Sep 5, 2015
IGN: Goodzikc
Age/Timezone: 20/central
How long have you been on Herocraft?: about 6 months but took a bit of a break
Would you prefer to progress within the Clergy or Royalty?: royalty but would perfer to have the role of a warrior
Strengths?: im nice, i wont be mean unless urreally mean to me and i love pvp
Weaknesses?:not that creative of a builder and not good with athstetics


Jan 22, 2015
IGN: IceColdSnow
Age/Timezone: 15/ +1 ~
How long have you been on Herocraft?: Like 1 year, Cant rememeber, but I've taken a long break.
Would you prefer to progress within the Clergy or Royalty?: Ehhh, I would be fine with peasantry but I guess if I would have too choose then it would be Royalty
Strengths?: A good worker and a creative builder
Weaknesses?: I can't pvp every 2nd week because I have too use a bad computer then
Jul 6, 2013
IGN: Dafefman

Age/Timezone: 16/US EST~

How long have you been on Herocraft?: I originally joined about two years ago when the server I played on at the time was down. I came back a month or two ago, but the map was at such a point that I did not feel like I could get good enough to compete with the endgame players very long before the next wipe, and so I left again. I got the mass email from Kainzo a few days ago and now I am back.

Would you prefer to progress within the Clergy or Royalty?: I would probably prefer to progress with the Royalty; I am usually good in leadership positions.

Strengths?: I am an extremely kind and fair person, and also a good builder. I am extremely creative and sometimes so over imaginative it borders paranoid. I am also currently playing as a Paladin so I can tank dungeons when I get to an appropriate level.

Weaknesses?: I do get annoyed easily sometimes, but even then my frustration is really only targeted at those who bother me. I am currently low leveled in both class and profession, but I have gotten far for the few hours I have played. I also have a god awful computer so I get somewhat laggy during PvP, but optifine helps cut down on it enough so that I can still hold my own with people my level.

I suppose another one of my weaknesses is that I can be a bit wordy and long-winded at times. The Great Wall-Of-Text follows me wherever I go.


Legacy Supporter 4
Feb 21, 2015
@IceColdSnow Accepted! The town is at a small state right now, I will be on soon to set you up, but please be patient for housing to be set up. Welcome to Tiltwo!
@Dafefman Accepted! As I said, be patient for housing. You say your a builder, I would love your help, we have a small area right now and need to set up a temporary inn for everyone to have a room for storage until we grow. Up for this early task? :)
Jul 6, 2013
@IceColdSnow Accepted! The town is at a small state right now, I will be on soon to set you up, but please be patient for housing to be set up. Welcome to Tiltwo!
@Dafefman Accepted! As I said, be patient for housing. You say your a builder, I would love your help, we have a small area right now and need to set up a temporary inn for everyone to have a room for storage until we grow. Up for this early task? :)
Yeah, sounds like fun. I read something about steampunk stuff in your main post. This actually works out well since I have been playing around with some late 1800's city architecture in creative recently, which is basically steampunk but without the pipes and machines. Don't think I have all the materials I need right now though, could use some Quartz and black dyes...

But I suppose I'll see you tomorrow sometime so we can get started.
Aug 22, 2013
IGN: Tyrion_Halfman
Age/Timezone: GMT+1 ~
How long have you been on Herocraft?: a couple of years on and off
Would you prefer to progress within the Clergy or Royalty?: I'm intrigued about what the Clergy will be doing exactly, so I'm saying Clergy.
Strengths?: I'm a really good team player and I like to help people with all sorts of stuff
Weaknesses?: not really any related to minecraft, I get along with everyone :D
Dec 12, 2014
IGN: Demonic_Entity3
Age/Timezone: 16 and Pacific Time Zone (it is 1 am for me right now) ~
How long have you been on Herocraft?: I just started the same day as the latest reset. I was on around a year ago but my old laptop forced me to quit.
Would you prefer to progress within the Clergy or Royalty?: Royalty, I'm not into the "holy" affairs
Strengths?: I'm alright at PVP, I work hard when I'm in the "Working Mood", I would say I am Smart. Also very experienced in Minecraft among other MMOs and MMOPRGs so though I am new to this server I catch on fast.
Weaknesses?: Does lag count :p ? I'm a terrible builder. Can't use TS due to lag. Quick to fight and challenge.


Mar 30, 2013
IGN: _Wyvern_

Age/Timezone: 17 / GMT+2, Germany

How long have you been on Herocraft?: I once joined two years ago or so, but I didn't do much then and lacked time after that.

Would you prefer to progress within the Clergy or Royalty?: It would be Royalty, because it's easier to organise a strong community without the interference of the thoughts of gods.

Strengths?: I was a role player for years, so I'm good with stories and role playing itself. Besides, my sense of strategy is quite a good one since I played on a great medieval minecraft server. There I also led a town for some months, that was some interesting experience, especially the diplomacy.

Weaknesses?: But I'm not a hardcore PVP player, better put me into building, organising and farming. Another thing is that I don't have that much time for playing, because I'm doing my last school year right now, and other stuff.

I just hope to find a funny group of players where I can enjoy playing. :D


Aug 2, 2013
IGN: Jacylin
Age/Timezone: 39 Central ~
If you deem worthy, would you progress within the Clergy or Royalty?: Either is fine but Royalty would be nice!
How long have you played Herocraft?: played a couple years ago, but took a break.
What are strong points?: Farming, mining
What are your weak points?: pvp