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Thrun, 13th king of Hysronmodo


Legacy Supporter 4
Feb 21, 2015
Dreadful is the story of Thrun, 13th king of Hysronmodo. Upon birth he was the heir to the throne of the kingdom of Hysronmodo, a kingdom which was blessed with riches beyond measure. All was well until he turned six years of age, and upon his day of birth his mother became drunk with wine at the royal celebration and fell of the palace balcony. Grief stricken, the king closed himself behind the palace walls and ruled behind close doors, leaving most of the problems unsolved. Crime rate increased along with disease, with famine sweeping across the nation. Only those behind palace walls were properly fed and in good health. Thrun, who often would visit the city, was horrified by the seen which was to behold. However when he would consult his father, he would only be sent away. 8 years after the death of his wife, the king took his own life.

Thrun, now 14, was the king of Hysronmodo. By the time he was crowned he had lost all emotion he had once had for the people. Though he had riches beyond compare, he wanted more. He wanted conquest. His first move was his only good one, he re-strengthened his kingdom and reduced the crime rate, but he only did it so he could then force almost all of the men into the military force. His first act of conquest was to take a small, but rich, village that was built upon a gold mine. He marched his men into the village and killed almost everyone and kept no prisoners. The only person to escape was a young boy named Tilionius, but that is another story.

Now blood thirsty after his first act of conquest, he took many small towns, taking no prisoners. Soon he wanted to take a rich and large kingdom, but he knew he could not defeat them by a direct attack. He went to discuss an alliance with the ruler of that kingdom, and he saw the small boy that escaped him on his first act of conquest, and became full of rage and bloodlust. He kept his cool however, and went to talk to the king. He convinced the king to execute the boy, and then they discussed an alliance. They then announced and alliance and said a parade was to be held the following day.

At the parade the king marched through a legion of his best soldiers. Upon reaching the city of the city he attacked with the legion shouting, "The city is mine! Feel the wrath of Hysronmodo!" The king of the city could do nothing but cry as his city was put to flames. Soon Thrun himself cut off his head.

In the following week, Thrun was feasting at his palace in Hysronmodo celebrating his now massive empire. It was then that he became drunk with wine, and fell off the balcony of the palace. And as the kingdoms troubles started, they ended. Having no son or daughter of his own, the people made the son of the king of the once great city the king of the empire. Being a kind and just ruler, he did away with the empire after repopulating its towns so that they may once again me independent. He renamed Hysronmodo into New Yewth, whereas the city of his father was known as Yewth. And that is the story of Thrun, 13th king of Hysronmodo.


That was my second lore story, (my first being my town lore), so I'm always looking to improve. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed!