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Suggestion Spreading out skills & Shrinking levels.


Jun 11, 2019
United States Of America
So, the big problem Herocraft has always faced is player retention - it attracts a lot of players at the start, but then dies inevitably. I think a big problem of that is the grind needed - hours in dungeons isn't the most engaging, and to level up to get a few measly health points and mana points is just boring, along with the fact that you only get skills every 5 levels, makes leveling boring, especially for new players.
Lets take wizard, as an example:
HP: 630, +2 a lvl. 728 at max
Mana: 1255, +2 a lvl, 1353 at max. (These are taken from the wiki)
3 skills at lvl 1 (scan is one of these)
1 skill at lvl 5
2 skills at lvl 10
1 skill at lvl 15
2 skills at lvl 20
1 skill at lvl 25
2 skills at lvl 30
1 skill at lvl 35
1 skill at lvl 40
1 skill at lvl 45
1 skill at lvl 50
So, 16 skills in total, for those who are bad at math. Every other level you're just getting 2 hp and mana - my proposition is this. Set the max tier one class level to 30 or 25, and then spread out skills more evenly - in example
Wizard (Cap lvl 25, exp would be slower to gain to 25 then before, but much less slower then 1-50)
Base HP: 630, +4 a level
Base Mana: 1255, +4 a level.
Lvl 1 - 2 Skills
Lvl 2 - 1 Skill
Lvl 4 - 1 Skill
Lvl 6 - 1 Skill
Lvl 8 - 1 Skill
Lvl 10 - 1 Skill
Lvl 13 - 1 Skill
Lvl 16 - 1 Skill
Lvl 19 - 1 Skill
Lvl 22 - 1 Skill
Lvl 25 - 1 Skill
This gives a new player a lot more tools to play with early game, which equates to more fun. But, you may be asking "Hey, where'd the other 4 skills go???" Here, we come to the second (third?) part of my suggestion - upon reaching level 25 of a job, the job upgrades to T2 job gaining increased attributes/the ability to allocate attributes, keeping all the skills from the previous class, and gaining new, more powerful skills much more slowly (similar to the gaps right now) as they level up to 50. This would give a clear incentives to new players, lessens the grind to get the fun skills, and bring back T2 classes, maybe to be expanded upon later.
Reduce level cap, spread out skills more evenly,


Staff member
Community Manager
Max Legacy Supporter
Aug 10, 2011
We will be going to a lot less skills per class, I do like the idea of going to a lower level cap though. I will bring it up.