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How To Properly Use Petitions (PE)'s!


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Feb 21, 2015
Hello everyone. After reviewing some poorly done PE's in game today, I decided to post this neat little guide to help new players learn how to correctly and formally contact staff members with issues.

What's a PE?
A PE, or Petition, is the official way to contact staff members when things are wrong. Now, if possible it is preferred that you use forum reports when available. This includes reporting bugs at hc.to/bugs, getting videos and screenshots of rule-breaking players and reporting them at hc.to/exploits, or finding hackers and sending them to the exploits link as well.

Then what's a PE for?
There are many reasons you may need to contact staff in game. Some of the reasons include, but are not limited too:
  • Requesting a Chat Channel in-game
  • ~
  • Requesting a TeamSpeak Channel
  • ~
  • Getting an Approval of a Build You May Think Breaks Rules A Little
  • ~
  • Asking For Titles, such as membership titles
  • ~
  • Issues With Items
  • ~
  • hc.to/shop purchases that haven't gone through

How do I use a PE?
Well, if your having issues with something, stand at the exact location of the problem and PE it properly. If you need something given to you by staff, lay a chest down and request they place the items in it.

Remember, if you log on and see no results alongside a closed PE, read the comments made on the closing statements.

It's all fine and dandy, but how?
Here's the commands to finally make that PE!

/pe create <problem>
This opens the PE and tells staff your problem.

/pe list
This lists all your currently pending PE's. Using this command will get you your PE's ID.

/pe comment <PE ID> <message>
This is a big mistake most people make when making PE's- they forget to comment and just make a whole new PE. You'll probably come across the problem of having too much to say in that tiny little Minecraft chat box. No problem to the Petition system! Commenting allows you to continue what you need to say, or add more details. To comment you need the PE's ID, found in /pe list.

/pe view <PE ID>
Has a comment been made to your PE? Do you want to make sure what you said is correct? Once you get your PE ID, you can check everything via this command.

/pe close <PE ID>
Why, look at that, you fixed the problem yourself, or found out it shouldn't be PE'ed. Find out your PE ID, and close it with this command.

/pe list closed |optional| <Quantity>
It appears your PE has been closed, or whilst closing yours you closed the wrong one. No problemo, check it out with this command. If you have over the default limit of PE's closed, extend the search number with the optional part of the command. View the closing notes by staff with the view command.

What happens when I submit my PE?
Guides, or when there is a lack of Guides staff directly, will review it and assign it to the proper staff accordingly. That's why you'll get messages such as "Your Pe Has Been Assigned To Blah".

When assigned, the proper staff will review it and handle it, then close it while leaving a comment over it.

Thanks Gales!
Don't mention it.

Further Reading
The /pe ? command in-game will give you a list of commands as well.