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newbie FAQ and reference guide


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Jan 9, 2011
[align=center]? basics on rules ?[/align]

Herocraft rules and plugins are updated all the time to make the experience better for our players. Therefore it's imperative that you follow these changes closely. Not reading or not knowing the rules is no excuse when facing a ban and being questioned by staff.
Better safe than sorry: if in doubt, open a ticket and ask us your questions.

This is how you can follow updates and changes to server rules:
Herocraft public forums are always kept up-to-date. Read the stickies on a regular level.
SMP thread on the official Minecraft forums always contains the basic information on updates and otherwise.
• signs inside the Sanctum tower are basic rules that everyone should know and adhere to.
Kainzo's tweets are usually about future plans and changes to keep you well informed.

There are a number of mods and texture packs that have been approved by the Herocraft staff (minimap and chat mod to name two). Players installing other mods do so at their own risk - if these can be used for cheating or exploiting, we will ban its user before asking questions. Same goes for texture packs that give unfair advantages to players.

[align=center]Herocraft Reference Guide for newbies[/align]

Kainzo's sacred mistress, The Lady of Herocraft. She was last seen eating chocolate chip cookies out of an unruly player's severely cracked skull.
A mystical place in Sanctum city where you can learn spells or experiment with cauldron recipes.
Every official town has a bank where citizens can sell their gold bars. Banks always compete with each other to offer the best prices to their citizens and non-citizens alike.
chat channels
We have several channels set up at your service. By default you can see, read and follow all main channels but for the full list, type /ch channels in your chat box. You can switch channels using the command /ch # where # is the channel tag. For example /ch h will make the Help channel active for you so everything you type will be sent via that channel.
Citizens count towards the total number of members needed for the settlement they live in to expand. You can only be a citizen in one town but a resident in as many as you want to. Citizens usually get benefits from the owners of the towns they live in such as free plots or discounts. Also see resident.
Also referred to as money and abbreviated as c, this is the currency of Herocraft. You can earn money by selling gold bars to a bank, providing services to players (terraforming, building, defending) or selling your own goods to others. Coins aren't physically present thus you can't lose them. Use the command /money to look at or manage your savings.
Short for Disposable Heroes. Can either refer to DH city or DH tower. See Sanctum.
DH Exchange
The bank in Sanctum city ran by bankers. Only city owners may sell their gold here but for a considerable discount. Abbreviated as DHX.
If you need any help, join the Help channel by typing /ch h into the chat box. You can also use /help, /help 2, /help 3 etc. respectively to list all available commands. Also see petition.
Obsidian gates that enable players to teleport anywhere in an instant - for a small fee.
The bread and butter of Herocraft. Requires sacrifices on a daily basis to function. Admins and mods are tasked to use stubborn and disobedient players as catalysts in order to keep the sacrificial fire burning. As for the sacrifice itself... piss him off and you're it!
See coin.
official town/city/settlement
See ring.
Use this ticket system to query or report anything to the staff instead of messaging them directly. The command is /pe open # where # is your query. For example /pe open I need my fireplace lit please!
A piece of land inside cities you can buy (as a resident) or possibly have for free (as a citizen) then use it to build a home for yourself. But first, ask the town's mayor for permission!
There are several ways to protect your property and belongings. Citizens can request their plots and chests protected while some donors can do this themselves using LWC or regions. See the donor guide above for more details!
Someone who owns a plot in a town he/she isn't a resident of. Residents don't count towards the total number of members that town needs to expand as these players already own a main home in a different city. Because of this, cities may reject some of them if they wish citizens to occupy the available plots. Also see citizen.
Marks the boundaries of an official settlement. PvP, griefing and stealing is strictly forbidden inside city rings. You may build 100 bocks away from a ring - everything built between that and the ring will belong to the town once it expands.
Can either refer to Sanctum tower where you start off when logging in the first time or to Sanctum city, the large settlement around the tower. Sanctum is sometimes referred to as DH.
Also referred to as the Sanctum tower. You end up here when logging in for the first time, after dying or by typing /spawn. Also see Sanctum.


Please keep in mind that this guide only covers the basics. It is still essential to read the signs at the Sanctum (spawn tower) in order to fully understand the rules for you to follow.

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Feb 27, 2011
I'm not sure if I should actually post this here, but the link to the list of accepted mods and textures does not work. In fact, it does not let me access showing the following message:

"You do not have permission to access this page."

Just thought I should report it. Feel free to remove this post as soon as you read it.


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Jan 9, 2011
Yep that's only accessible to Herocraft Members (players who have been whitelisted and applied for membership via the forum). The link to do that is in my sig but you're right, it's no good to people who haven't been whitelisted yet and just want some info. Gonna modify my first post. Thanks for letting me know.


Mar 20, 2011
Hey I saw that tried access the accepted mods but got the same permission message and I'm whitelist and i have an account on this site... sorry if wrong place to post

Sorry I think i just found what I was looking for applied for herocraft membership


Apr 24, 2012
I can fix your html for you. When you do tags make sure you do it like <font color="red"></font>


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Mar 4, 2011
I thought Dom redid this. Or was it greek? I can work on something if it need to be redone (again) I guess...