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How To Money Making


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Jul 19, 2011
The Multiverse
The Basics


View your money with the command:



View your money rank (or others) with the command:
/money rank (player)


View the richest people with the command:
/money top



Pay a player with the command:
/money pay [player] [amount]

Use /money ? in-game to view these again.


Gold Ingots

Disposable Heroes Exchange buys gold ingots inside Bastion Keep for 9c per ingot and in the Free For All worlds for 8.5c per ingot.

Gold Nuggets

Nuggets will randomly drop when you kill a mob. After gaining 9 of these, craft them into an ingot and sell it to DHX. One nugget is essentially 1c.

Gold Ore

Ore is worth much more than ingots due to a Miner ability, Smelt Gold. As a Master Miner, they have a 25% chance to gain an extra ingot with this skill. You can often see ore being traded in chat or though chestshops.

How to use Trade

/ch t
This channel is specifically for trading in game items and services. You will often see members buying or selling various items in this channel. It is good to note that if both members agree on trade in this chat, it is binding. If one party fails to produce their end of the deal they may be punished. Using this channel for anything other than trade is punishable.

Most professions have the ability to make Chestshops that are relevant to their class. These shops allow players to buy and sell to them at any time, even when you aren't online! Merchants, however, are the only profession that can create chestshops for EVERY item.

Who can make what Chestshop:

Alchemist: Potions, Beds, Books, Bowls, Bricks, Clay Balls, Coal, Ender Eyes, Flint, Glowstone Dust, Paintings, Paper, Saddles, Signs, Snowballs, Sticks, Sugar
Enchanter: None
Engineer: Redstone, Redstone Powered Devices
Farmer: Plants, Food, Leather, Wool
Mason: None
Merchant: All
Miner: Ingots, Ores
Scribe: None
Smith: Chainmail Armor, Iron Armor, Diamond Armor, Iron Tools, Diamond Tools


These shops buy and sell for the same amount, just in different quantities.
B means how much YOU BUY the item for while S means how much YOU SELL the item for.

To buy from a Chestshop, RIGHT click on the SIGN and to sell to a Chestshop, LEFT click on the SIGN.

How to make a Chestshop

First Line: Empty, it will auto place your name
Second Line: How many you would like to sell per transaction
Third Line: Buy Price : Sell Price per transaction
Fourth Line: Item ID

What to do with Money

Use the command /lock to lock your chests, doors and a few other things. Each LWC costs 500c for non-supporters. The price goes down per supporter tier and some tiers even get some for free!

Learn more about LWC commands here
Learn more about supporter LWC pricing here

There are two different types of personal regions for purchase.

Noble plots
These are available inside the walls of the spawn city Bastion. Prices vary depending on the spawn plot and you have to pay for them every two weeks. If you do not renew your lease, the region is put up for sale, along with anything inside of it.

Learn more about noble plots here

Personal Residence
A tier3 supporter and above have access to place Personal Residences. For every tier the max size of the region increases and the start up cost and weekly lease decrease.

Learn more about Personal Residence commands here
Learn more about Personal Residence costs here

Town Donations (and Taxes)

Most towns require that you pay taxes to live in them. Having more money helps you keep up on your taxes so you never have to worry about being late on your payment.

You could also donate to the town to help it upgrade or pay its taxes. The choice is yours.

Money Making Guide


An alchemist can make potions such as health or speed potions which are in demand with people who want to get an edge in PvP. Convenient shops and a consistent stock are important to making money.

Additionally, alchemists can transmute gold ingots from iron ore in order make money, though the process is time consuming.

They can also make rare blocks that are crucial for town upgrades and kingdom regions. (Endstone; etc.)


Efficiency 4 unbreaking 3 picks are always in high demand. Though they can't make pick shops themselves, enchanters can partner with a merchant to make a shop, or level merchant then switch to enchanter.

Currently enchanters level up by mining, so they make can make a good amount of money by mining for gold and diamonds.


Engineers have access to circuits, pistons and redstone components. Though a niche demand, they can build fancy piston doors for people, or activated circuits.

For a more consistent revenue stream, they can make redstone chestshops at graveyards to sell to people who want to recall home.


For farmers, the main cash source is leather, from farming cows. Many of the classes can only wear leather armor, which wears out quickly but provides some necessary armor in battle

However farmers can also fish for golden apples and leather armor in addition to fish. Food stores at graveyards or areas with lots of pvp traffic are another potential source of income.

Note: Farmers are the only class which receives no exp from mining


Masons have many cool signs such as gate or bridge or lift which allow for much more complicated and interactive builds than would be possible. People do pay for traps and lifts, but there isn't a consistent revenue stream for masons.


Merchants can make any type of shop. Watch the markets carefully and you can amass a large fortune by providing supplies that people want. Be careful though, you can just as easily lose all of your money by buying for too much money or selling for too little.

Watching trade chat and updating your prices to protect yourself is essential to making money.
Additionally, merchants can trade with villagers for emeralds and use those to obtain rare items and enchants.

Note: You don't have to stay merchant to keep your shops if you switch classes. You'll still be able to stock your shops, but you won't be able to change your prices, only destroy the shop.


As miners have the most efficient ways of making money, though they require either mining or a good amount of cash on hand and time. As gold is the currency of the server, miners can mine very efficiently with excavate and an efficiency 4 pick to make money. They get additional drops from mining in addition to the vastly increased mining speed.

Miners also have smeltgold, which takes gold ore and turns it gold ingots.

As of this writing, at level 60, a miner gets an additional 11.5% ingot drop, making 1 gold ore on average worth 10 coins (though you'll want to take a margin for the time you spend smelting it).

Miners can make gold ore shops to buy up gold ore, but beware, if you don't have enough money to buy up gold, people can sell you gold until you run out of money. You'll need to smelt it and sell the gold to DHX, or you might not be able to pay your rent!


Though scribes have a variety of skills, a few of which are useful in pvp, they lack a good way to make money. Beacon placement is a potential option, though there currently isn't a lot of demand for it.

Scribes also are able to create runestones. Runestones are in high demand because it allows you to teleport to certain locations stored by the Runestone.

You can find out more about Runestones here.

Smiths have the ability to repair items, which usually keeps the enchantment. They also have the ability to deconstruct armor and tools, to retrieve valuable materials such as gold or diamonds. These services can be sold over t chat for a fee.

Additionally smiths can make chain mail armor from iron fences, and sell them in shops.

This is a more consistent way of making money, though since armor doesn't stack, it may take a good amount of restocking.

Other Sources of Income

Any player can place a bounty on another player for a minimum of 200c.

You can view current bounty offers with the command /bounty list.

Accept a bounty with /bounty accept [target name].

This will subtract the fee from your purse. Be warned, claiming a bounty of a fellow town or kingdom member is illegal, as is ‘selling’ your bounty.

Learn more about bounties here or in game with /bounty

Are you a risk taker? Well, every 5 1/2 hours there is a lottery draw.

Buy up to 5 tickets for 20c each with /lottery buy.

Learn more about lotteries here or in game with /lottery

The soul of HeroCraft is its PvP. Sometimes groups of people get together and attack other towns, this is known as raiding.

Raiding can be a good source of money and items, however should not be your only source of income as it will not always get you items and you run the risk of loosing yours.


Jonsoon - For the layout and most of the information here.

gabizou - For help with the screenshots needed.

northeaster345 - For tips for each class to make money.

Rumblestikk - For finishing up the guide and polishing it.​
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May 23, 2012
Alchemists can also create rare blocks that are critical for town upgrades, kingdoms and what not.( endstone, chiseled stonebrick)


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Mar 25, 2011
Excellent. One error after reading through quickly, and it would have been a typo from me to begin with =p

Nuggets will randomly drop when you kill a mob. After gaining 9 of these, craft them into an ingot and sell it to DHX. One ingot is essentially 1c.
Should read:
One nugget is essentially 1c


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Jan 28, 2012
You can add that if you're in a township you can donate to the town to upgrade and pay taxes under 'what to do with money' if you want :p


Oct 9, 2011
Nice write up for making money! Good way to make some starting money/quick cash, is to buy cheap cobble and cheap coal, using mass production furnaces, with hoppers, make stone, and sell to gabi for 1 piece a pop.


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Jun 23, 2012
Nice write up for making money! Good way to make some starting money/quick cash, is to buy cheap cobble and cheap coal, using mass production furnaces, with hoppers, make stone, and sell to gabi for 1 piece a pop.
At his shop you can buy 15 for the same price as you can sell 1. You sleep buying/selling.


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Oct 1, 2012
They were taken just for the Guide. He has no shop :p

Damn. That's that plan off the list then.
How about you Rumble? Got a 1c buying | 0.1c selling something shop? :p

EDIT: Did you say anything about labor? :p
Some people might wanna look into that