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? donor ? commands and abilities


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Jan 9, 2011
[align=center]? basics on rules ?[/align]

Herocraft rules and plugins are updated all the time to make the experience better for our players. Therefore it's imperative that you follow these changes closely. Not reading or not knowing the rules is no excuse when facing a ban and being questioned by staff.
Better safe than sorry: if in doubt, open a ticket and ask us your questions.

This is how you can follow updates and changes to server rules:
Herocraft public forums are always kept up-to-date. Read the stickies on a regular level.
SMP thread on the official Minecraft forums always contains the basic information on updates and otherwise.
• signs inside the Sanctum tower are basic rules that everyone should know and adhere to.
Kainzo's tweets are usually about future plans and changes to keep you well informed.

There are a number of mods and texture packs that have been approved by the Herocraft staff. Players installing other mods do so at their own risk - if these can be used for cheating or exploiting, we will ban its user before asking questions. Same goes for texture packs that give unfair advantages to players.
Click here for is a list of supported mods to be used on the Herocraft server. Some of them will help you a great deal and are recommended to install (for example the minimap or the chat mod).

[align=center] If you're new to SMP or Herocraft, we'd like you to read the newbie guide first. Click here![/align]

[align=center]? special commands and abilities for donors and regular players ?[/align]

All donations go directly towards server upgrades and maintenance to increase performance and benefit all Herocraft members. Donations never grant inventory items and won't save you from being kicked or banned if breaking server rules. Donations are cumulative and grant you the following:

1) super safe personal bank where you can store your belongings (T2+ only)
2) X number of months on the reserve list (if server is full, you can still connect)
3) special commands that are cumulative e.g. T4 donor rank grants access to all lower tier commands
4) optional Tier prefix e.g. T3*Ilsyde and colored name (you may choose one of the following)[align=center]

[align=center]????? non-donor ?????[/align][align=center]has not donated, no personal bank and not on the reserve list[/align]

Made of fence blocks. Can be of any size and is toggled by a nearby sign.


Make a top row from fence blocks then place a nearby wall sign and type [Gate] in the second line. Right clicking the sign will toggle (open/close) the gate.
CHANGES: To prevent players from gaining potentially infinite resources from gates/bridges/doors, a chest has to be placed near the toggleable sign with the required materials already inside for these three to work. You can place the chest underground to hide and/or protect it.

You may use a cauldron to craft rare blocks that are otherwise impossible hard to obtain (e.g. grass, pumpkins or clay).

As you can see below, cauldrons are made out of two rows of smoothstone blocks (16 of them, 2x2 on each side) acting as walls. A 2x2 stationary or flowing lava pit is placed in the third row, below smoothstone level. These lava blocks can be sorrounded by anything.


You need to know the recipe (type and number of required blocks) before attempting to craft using the cauldron. These reagents can only be placed inside the cauldron, above the lava and sorrounded by those 8 smoothstone blocks. You shouldn't place blocks right inside the lava or outside the cauldron (above the smoothstone level) if you want the recipe to work. Be careful, some reagents might contain sand, gravel or water. You must place so they can't fall into the lava thus breaking the cauldron for good.
After you placed the blocks according to the recipe, right-click on one of them (make sure your hands are empty) to perform crafting and the resulted block will appear in your inventory.

Three free-to-use public cauldrons and all known recipes can be found on the bottom level of the Arcanium. You should head there first if you'd like to experiment or don't know the available recipes.

Craftbook minecart features
You can make boosters, brakes, cart dispensers etc. easily with this plugin.

Follow this link to learn about

You may send tickets to the staff about generally anything if in doubt or you want to report something. Do not message staff members directly! Instead, use this ticket system to get an answer to your query.

In the chat box, type /pe open MESSAGE which will open and send a ticket to staff members where MESSAGE is your query. Using only /pe will list all available options.

general commands
General commands are available to everyone but with a higher tier you get to use more of them. Type /help in the chat box to list all available commands for your tier. You may have to use /help 2, /help 3 etc. as well if they won't fit on one page.

[align=center] If you're new to SMP or Herocraft, we'd like you to read the newbie guide first. Click here![/align]

[align=center]????? Tier 1 ?????[/align][align=center]donated $5 so far, name on reserve list for 1 month[/align]

Redstone pumpkins
Toggle pumpkins with switches, levers or pressure plates.


When wielding a torch, right-click with the mouse to light it for a short period of time.
(Torchburn is very similar to the Dynamic Lights mod but a lot more basic and causes server-side lag)

[align=center]????? Tier 2 ?????[/align][align=center]donated $10 so far, special colored name and name on reserve list for 2 months[/align]

Bridges are three blocks wide and as long as you need them to be. They can be toggled on and off using a sign.


Place three blocks of the same kind (only cobblestone, wood, glass or double steps will work) next to each other then place a standing sign on or below the center block. Type [Bridge] in the second line.
Repeat the same process on the other end of the soon-to-be bridge. Makes sure the that both of those three blocks directly face each other, otherwise the bridge can't extend and connect.
(typing [Bridge End] in the second line prevents anyone from toggling the bridge from that side)
Right clicking the sign will toggle the bridge if the two pairs of those three blocks and the signs align (are on the same level and directly facing each other).
CHANGES: To prevent players from gaining potentially infinite resources from gates/bridges/doors, a chest has to be placed near the toggleable sign with the required materials already inside for these three to work. You can place the chest underground to hide and/or protect it.

[align=center]????? Tier 3 ?????[/align][align=center]donated $20 so far, owns a 6x6 sized personal bank, name on reserve list for 5 months[/align]

Regions (area protect - temporarily replaces Realms and Cuboid)
Protect your house, basement or a general area and prevent other players from destroying or taking your blocks. Also works on chests and furnaces but don't rely on it too much - use LWC instead.

Before we start, here are a few definitions you need to know and remember when using Regions:

• owners can delete the region, toggle flags or add other owners or members
• members can only build and destroy blocks inside the region
• flags are effects that can be toggled on or off by owners (more on that later)
• child regions are created inside a larger, parent region (members of a child region don't have access to the parent region by default)
• groups will be added later so that mayors can add all citizens in one go (the only two groups you can add at the moment are public and mods, g:default and g:mods respectively)

You need to make and use a wooden hoe tool in order to designate an area you want to protect. Left-clicking with the wooden hoe will set the first point, while right-clicking will set the second point. You want to create a cuboid from those two points and everything inside that area will be protected. Have a look at this image:


In order to create a cuboid, designate the two diagonal points A and G using your wooden hoe. The command to protect this area is /region define REGION OWNER1 OWNER2 where REGION will be the name of the new region and the owners will be OWNER1 and OWNER2 etc. Remember that you cannot add members at this stage, only owners who will have full editing access to your region!

Now on to flags. You can toggle effects called flags using the /region flag REGION FLAG command where REGION is the region's name and FLAG is the effect. The following flags are available to use:
pvp allow players can hurt each other (default setting)
pvp deny players cannot hurt each other
mobdamage allow monsters can harm the players (default setting)
mobdamage deny monsters cannot harm the players
creeper allow creepers can blow up terrain and players (default setting)
creeper deny creepers cannot blow up terrain and players
For example, /region flag MyCity pvp deny will disallow PvP inside the region called MyCity.

You can add or remove more owners and members using the following commands:
/region addowner REGION NAME1 NAME2 adds owner(s)
/region removeowner REGION NAME1 NAME2 removes owner(s)
/region addmember REGION NAME1 NAME2 adds member(s)
/region removemember REGION NAME1 NAME2 removes member(s)
Where REGION is the region's name and NAME1/NAME2 are the playernames.

If you're the owner (or one of the owners) of a region, you can delete it by typing /region delete REGION where REGION is the region's name.

/region info REGION will list general information about REGION.

To defy common sense, child regions aren't automatically created and have to be set manually. To give you an example: protecting a 200x200 sized area (for a town) named MyCity where the owner is Ilsyde then creating an 8x8 space (for a plot) named citizenplot inside that 200x200 area where the owner is Jay, Jay still won't be able to build because the parent region overrides the permissions and Jay isn't an owner or member of MyCity, only Ilsyde is.
To define a parent region for a child region, use /region setparent CHILDREGION REGION where REGION is the parent, for example /region setparent citizenplot MyCity. If you don't specify a parent region then it goes back to default.

Regions also override LWC permissions so if you own an LWC-d chest inside a region you're not an owner or member of, you won't be able to open it!

Neo_Exdeath also has a guide on Regions, click here to open it!

Use LWC to protect your chests, dispensers, furnaces, doors or signs.

There are a few main commands to remember:
/lwc -c private protects the block you left-click
/lwc -c public makes the designated block accessible to everyone but only you can destroy it
/cinfo shows basic information like creator's name (due to a bug, other owners aren't shown) and some info
/lwc -r chest removes the protection
/lwc lists available commands.

You can give access other users but only if the protected entity is your own property. You're not allowed to go to someone else's place and protect his or her stuff unless you're a Mayor and those are your citizens/residents.
For this, type /lwc -c private OWNER2 where OWNER2 is the second allowed user (OWNER1 would be yourself but that's not needed). Please note that although secondary owners are allowed to use protected blocks, they're restricted from destroying them if they haven't been given full access. You might want to do that to save yourself the trouble of having to de-protect chests in the future if you're a Mayor. Just use @OWNER2 instead of OWNER2. The confirmation message should state the secondary owner as chest admin.

For example, /lwc -c private Ilsyde Nuin will make the appointed entity accessible to three players: its creator, Ilsyde and Nuin. Only the person who protected the chest and Ilsyde will be able to destroy the block, however all three of them have access to it.

Elevators (or lifts) allow you to teleport either up or down between floors and levels.


Place a sign on the wall and type [Lift Up] in the second line if you want to teleport the user upwards. Type [Lift Down] instead if you want to teleport the user downwards. You can also write something in the first line that will print in the chat window for the player just as he/she arrives on that level.
Next, you need to make another sign below or above the sign you just placed. Both signs need to be placed on the same Y coordinate (their vertical position must match) in order to link floors to each other. Remember that lifts will only work if you place the signs on a wall.
(typing [Lift] in the second line prevents anyone from teleporting from but not to that location)

channel creation
You can create channels for your town or buddies by typing /ch create CHNAME CHNICK color:CODE hidden saved where CHNAME is the channel's full name, CHNICK is the shortcut that you use when joining and that's what it appears in front of your nick, CODE is the color of the text in that channel (goes from 0 to 15 in this order: black, navy, green, blue, red, purple, gold, light_gray, gray, dark_purple, light_green, light_blue, rose, light_purple, yellow, white).
Hidden makes it not appear on the channel list while saved makes it permanent. These two variables and the color:CODE is optional.
Use /ch help and /ch help2 to have a look at other commands related to chat channels.

[align=center]????? Tier 4 ?????[/align][align=center]donated $40 so far, owns a 8x8 sized personal bank, name on reserve list for 12 months[/align]

Edit the text on signs using the chat box.

/se set TEXT Point your crosshair at a sign then type this command to change the text on that sign.
/se clear Point your crosshair at a sign then type this command to delete all the text from the sign.
/se add NAME Point your crosshair at a sign then type this command to name it for future reference.
/se edit NAME1 NAME2 Change the name of a sign you named NAME1 to NAME2.
/se remove NAME Delete the name of the sign called NAME.
/se setid NAME TEXT Change the text on the sign called NAME.
/se clear NAME Delete all the text from the sign called NAME.

Explanation of the variables NAME and TEXT:

NAME is the identification code for a sign. You need to point at and name a sign before you can change its text from anywhere. Signs without identification names can only be modified by either destroying (that's the standard way) or standing right in front of them and using one of the first three commands from the above list.

TEXT is the text shown on the sign. All four rows of text can be designated using one single command. Rows are separated by quotation marks. Any text between the first two quotation marks will appear in the first line, text between the third and fourth quotation marks will appear in the second line etc.
For example, /se set "first line""second line""""fourth line" will result in this:


To color the text you're typing, use color codes from this list:


but instead of the hash symbol (#), use the end symbol (&).
For example, /se set "&4first line""""""&afourth li&ene" will result in this:


To color existing text, only use the color codes in order to retain what's already written on the sign. For example /se set "&4""""""&a"

Realms temporarily unavailable
The Realm system is a bit similar to Cuboid but a lot more powerful and with more available options. For example you can make an area non-PvP, set a greeting message that will print in the chat box, turn mobs off, make an area that heals players etc.

Elroy72 has written a brilliant guide for Realms, please refer to his post by clicking here!

Integrated circuits (ICs) temporarily unavailable
ICs are compact versions of complicated circuits to perform tasks that are otherwise impossible with redstone. Not all ICs are available to T4 donors.
Please follow this Craftbook guide

refer to one's self temporarily unavailable
Type /me MESSAGE in the chat box to print your message in first person. For example /me is exploring. will show as Ilsyde is exploring. in the chat window.

send message to IRC (#DH channel) temporarily unavailable
Typing /irc MESSAGE in the chat box allows you to send messages to IRC while ingame.

[align=center]????? Tier 5 ?????[/align][align=center]donated $60 so far, owns a 10x10 sized personal bank, name on reserve list for 18 months[/align]

Doors temporarily unavailable
Doors are three blocks wide vertical bridges. They can be toggled on and off using a sign.


Place a row of three blocks of the same kind (most materials will work) then a standing sign on top the center block. Type [Door Down] in the second line. This will be the door's top. Next, repeat the same process where you want the door to end. Place a standing sign below the bottom center block and type [Door Up] in the second line. If unsure, have a look at the image above.
If you type [Door] instead of [Door Up] or [Down Down] on one of the signs, the door will still work but won't be toggleable using that particular sign.
Doors will only work if the two pair of blocks are perfectly aligned.
CHANGES: To prevent players from gaining potentially infinite resources from gates/bridges/doors, a chest has to be placed near the toggleable sign with the required materials already inside for these three to work. You can place the chest underground to hide and/or Cuboid it.

You can wear most blocks as a headgear. Place something in your hand then type /hat in the chat box. A message will appear saying that you're now wearing a new hat or telling you that you can't use that block.
Press F5 to switch to third person and have a look at your character. You can also press and hold F1 for the vanity cam.

free use of Herogates available
Self-explanatory. Herogates are free to use and never cost coins.

ability to sneak
Type the command /sneak in the chat box to make your character sneak. Other players won't be able to see your nametag through blocks (walls/ceilings/floors).

MC1241 IC (arrow barrage that shoots 5 arrows) temporarily unavailable
ICs are compact versions of complicated circuits to perform tasks that are otherwise impossible with redstone.
Please follow this MC1241 guide. The rest of the ICs can be found here


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Jan 9, 2011
RE: donor & newbie FAQ

LWC updated:you can now protect chests, dispensers, furnaces, doors or signs.


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Jan 9, 2011
RE: donor & newbie FAQ

Herocraft Survival Guide for newbies has been overhauled and is now called Herocraft Reference Guide for newbies. Because that's what it is. A reference guide. I hope Aph likes chocolate flavored cookies. If not then feel free to edit my second post!


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Jan 9, 2011
RE: donor commands and abilities

Been asked to make this donor guide stand out more and make it more obvious so I split the thread into two. The newbie guide has its own topic now.


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Jan 9, 2011
Added Torchburn (T1+). You could also install and use Dynamic Lights which is client-side and has more features: dropped torches are lit as well and glowstone/glowdust/jack-o-lantern/redstone/lava bucket are also supported.


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Jan 7, 2011
The 7th Circle of Heaven
Some updates - Regions no longer override LWC chests - the LWC owner will always own the chest over the region owner.

Updated some of the other perks here. Herogates for t5+ is free to use, Signedit is now with t4, Regions for T3 will be leaving in placement of a MUCH more advanced mod for T4+ LWC is now restricted to X chests per tier to be protected (mayors will have a much higher rate)

The tombstone feature is now implemented on the live server - it will allow for Tier 3-6 (When released) to have a chest on them at the time of death. The chest will ONLY be lootable by the person that died until 15 mins have passed - anyone can loot at that time, after an hour the chest will pop and the item is will fall to the ground.


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Jan 16, 2011
Gonna work on this later once given time from other things.