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May 1, 2011
Village by the Covered By the Snow Capped Mountains

Leaders of Couvert
Mayor: lcmoe14
Successor: BoDuhal
Craftsmen of the Town:
Town Alchemist:
Town Enchanter:
Town Engineer:
Town Farmer:
Town Miner:
Town Smith:
Town Runesmith:

Couvert is built in the sow capped mountains and has began as Hamlet. Looking down from the mountain peaks you can see the ice covered sea below, with walls of ice spikes and the ice pack glaciers.

Couvert's mayor is lcmoe14, This is a starting town were players can gain ranks and grow with in the HC community and the town. The officers of town will work together to grow the community and Their word is law within the township, please follow their directions.

Tax & Donations:

Taxes are currently set at 10s per player.

Town Chat Channel: /ch cv (pw) ask ingame for password

Town Rules/Mechanics:

    • Follow all the rules of the Herocraft server.
    • Please note that you would be joining a community.
    • Build restrictions - Do not build outside your plot limits and Do not dig into town farms below. If you have any questions please consult BoDuhal, OR one of the Officers.
    • Plot Limits are defined as by the areas which are outlined.
    • Do NOT steal, grief, or attack other citizens of Couvert.
    • Do NOT steal, grief, or attack citizens of allied towns.
    • DO NOT DIG within the town region unless approved by BoDuahl, or a Manager.
    • No mines from your basement. Most housing has its own basements.
    • Citizen's houses must be aesthetically pleasing. We are raising the bar for the level of detail we want to see.
    • Cover all your CHESTS. ALWAYS!
    • Must be active, You need to be active enough to join in atleast 1-2 hr.s per week. If you run out of money in your account the township plugin will kick you from town, if inactive for more than 14 days you will be evicted!
    • Everything you leave inside the Hamlet belongs to the Mayor. If you leave Herocraft and do not return for a while, your assets may be taken by the Mayor when you are removed automatically for inactivity. They will either be stored or redistributed among the people. If you return, I will help you get back on your feet out of my own coffers.
    • If player submits a leave of absence notice, that can be dealt with on a case by case basis.
      • Whatever agreements made on each case shall be honored.

On-Going Projects & Goals:

    • Build Housing.
    • Build streets, work on existing walls.
    • Level to max combat/profession.
    • Make souls and contributions to the township to UPGRADE!

Current Citizen(s) total: 4

Last edited: April 15, 2016
Mayor of Couvert
Master Miner, Master Smith, Training Ninja
A Building Community​