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Oct 7, 2015
Important update: Unfortunately something came up irl, I won't be logging into herocraft for quite some time. This means Cloudsgate will no longer be in about 1 days. None of my residents ever log in past the first day, so I never appointed any sic in case of problems. If citadel is still the map when I return I will /pe any damages done to the area upon my return; I'm hoping to return in 2-3 months when things are settled here. Any raiders are welcome to any of my items, there is a chest under the west plot of dirt of the top part of the bridge I will not report if you break that dirt to get to it, there are no other secret caches located anywhere else on the town,so please no tearing up walls. Just so there isn't any wondering of what is Cloudsgate, the coordinates are somewhere around 2100 -3200. Unsure if claiming over the city is legal on the server, if it is and you do: 1 take good care of it, 2 please don't destroy the landscape around it, I custom carved a lot of it myself, and 3 please let me be a part of it upon my return.

Rumored to have been an ancient home of the Fey, the Great city of the sky had fallen soon after men began to tred over the lands, declaring all for themselves. Though most men of today's age have forgotten about the days of long ago, some still tell tales of those who walked these lands before us. As for if these stories are purely fairytales, or real history, we do not know, but mankind has always had a longing to find out.

If the ruins of the past are never found, our stories are never heard. But somehow they are known by story-tellers and told to newer generations. Perhaps these tellers are the decedents of a long lost age...

Perhaps they will reveal the truth to us one day...

Or perhaps they will die, and no one will ever remember them, or their stories...

And still, although there are times nobody remembers their stories, they are still told, by people who have the ability and gift to imagine it happened. These are the tellers of today's world, listen to them, for they hold the truth to a past we cannot remember. Even if it didn't ever happen, it had to be a cleaver story to keep our interest, did it not?

Although we never knew what Cloudsgate looked like in the past, we have found the perfect place to reconstruct our own imagining of what it once looked like. We build this city not for glory, nor for the wealthy, but for those whom admire the beauty of architecture and nature combined into a single entity.

As well as for safeguarding it's inhabitants.

According to the tellers, cloudsgate was not a city in the sky, but a beautiful mountain city built to withstand any attack, and safeguard it's residents from any war, with amazing bridges and towers. Dragoon's Spire was the most magnificent of all it's towers, gleaming from the sun's rays as it climbed through the clouds and up beyond the highest peaks, as it's guardians look down from the tower's peak. It's streets were intricate, and winded through houses, markets, and alleyways, intricately carved out from underneath a mountain. The Markets, encased in the mountain with alleyways blocked by Great Iron doors, of which lead further into the city.

A sight so spectacular, one would have to venture to the ends of all the lands just to get a glimpse of.

The town was watched and governed over by the council of 7 that would put their city before themselves to any ends. Of them included the Judge and the Overlord, who where in charge of making sure the council were not neglecting their duties, dealing with politics, and other matters involving the city's well being.

Members into their city were not but humble civilians, most of which have never seen combat, but many of them also contributed to the city with their professional abilities, many of whom were skilled at architecture, and many were willing to learn the ways of Combat, magic, and improve their skills from knowing absolutely nothing, to being some of the best.

Here in our recreation of the fabled Cloudsgate, we require a paper form application, mankind is not like the Fey, very few ever fall short of the trustworthiness of that of the fey. The form must be filled out like so:

IG Name:
Do you have a Skype:
Class (and level):
Profession (and level):

Hopes for your adventure here (In Herocraft):
Architectural Expertise Level: (Expert - Advanced - Experienced - Beginner)

Any previous town in Herocraft?:
If so, how long was your residency?:
Reason for leaving?:

PvP Expertise:

General Activity: (How often do you expect you'll be playing?)
Reason for Application:

Our town has a (Currently 1)% tax, which I decrease as plots are rented (to 0% after 5 plots are rented) plots have a 12c / Day tax; are you alright with this?

------------------------------------------------------Members (Updated: Dec 31, 2015)---------------------Current Members: 15-------------


None have proved their loyalty and devotion yet.

Other Active Members:
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Oct 7, 2015
Bump (Also wanted to let people know a bit about myself.)
@Admins could I request a shortlink please?

IG Name: Zyvo1
Age: 25
Do you have a Skype: Zyvo111 (No I don't mind posting it Publicly, It's not like every reader is going to ask to be my friend.)
Class (and level): Ranger L40+
Profession (and level): Farmer L30+

Hopes for your adventure here (In Herocraft): To help legends grow.
Architectural Expertise Level: Advanced

Any previous town in Herocraft?: Undergrowth
If so, how long was your residency?: About 6 weeks
Reason for leaving?: Kicked by Helper because they wanted more PvP, and only wanted a small group for PvP purposes mostly the people involved in their Team Speak. Undergrowth was part of the Tree Creeper Nation, and they reduced their Ally list because of the Lack of PvP as well, resulting in many towns being dropped. I believe I was removed from the town simply because I never joined them in PvP, and seem unlikely to be involved in PvP as heavily as they would have liked.

PvP Expertise: Not a lot. But as in the lore of my city, It's not a required trait.

General Activity: I can expect to be playing a lot. I'm offline sometimes for a day or two, but often times stay online for up for hours at a time, usually building, often times into 4 or 5 am.
Reason for Application: I am the owner of Cloudsgate, I just wanted possible applicants to know a little bit more about the leader of this town. I have read a few of the other Town Recruitment Posts, and They seem to be lacking the Get to know the Leader parts, and even a general lore or about section to their Towns. I wanted to be Different in that matter.
Jul 22, 2013
IG Name: hundemeister1
Age: 18
Do you have a Skype: hundemeister2
Class (and level): Just started
Profession (and level): Just started

Hopes for your adventure here (In Herocraft): Enjoy playing, farm alot and also hopefully pvp once in a while
Architectural Expertise Level: (Expert - Advanced - Experienced - Beginner) : Building is not really my thing but I would gladly help at the easier tasks like walls

Any previous town in Herocraft?: I've played here before on that last map but never really got into it because my town was almust fully inactive and I didnt find a new one
If so, how long was your residency?: 2 weeks
Reason for leaving?: I was the only one online

PvP Expertise: Alot, but I will probably have to get used to the spells again

General Activity: (How often do you expect you'll be playing?) If I enjoy myself and the others are friendly I will probably play 3-6 hours a day. On the weekends probably even more
Reason for Application: I just started and hoped a could guide me and make both the overall game and especially the early game more fun