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Suggestion Beta Initial Thoughts

Aug 19, 2021
United States
So coming from a player whose played most of the successful Heroes based MC servers including herocraft and herocraft reborn. Here are my initial thoughts.
(I should also state I only spent roughly an hour or so on the server but kind of got tired of grinding mobs/mining every MC player has been doing those two things for YEARS!)

Spawn- Simple yet smooth I liked it I think it captured everything you really needed to capture in there I also liked how you kind of dropped straight into the wild from spawn rather than taking a teleport somewhere from spawn.

Leaving spawn- I gathered some supplies got a full set of iron tools then got ganked by 3 people which didn't bother me because I know I will be doing the same thing once I'm fully kitted.(Perhaps some sort of PVP Immunity until level 10-15 wouldn't be a bad idea for the players less into the hardcore side of gaming.)

Classes- Now this was a big disappointment for me I personally didn't get to try the PVP beta so I can really say a whole lot here but its been the same classes for years now my personal opinion everybody is going to just hop on a Melee based class and hold the W key down with Left click I personally OPTed with Wizard however I know im going to get destroyed due to the fact my armor is going to be worse than a melees, my weapon damage is significantly lower, and the escapes I do have will get countered as most of the popular classes have an escape/Gap closer themselves I have 0 Utility as a Wizard which doesn't make much sense to me. If Pyromancers get Fireball then I truely believe Wizards should be made into the Frost/Lightning sort of mage with Frostbolt. However like I said the only PVP I have experienced thus far was me getting jumped by multiple people playing Dragoon and Ninja so I can't say much.

Progression- This is perhaps the worst of what i've found so far 95% of my time was spent grinding on the very far edge of the map with packs of various mobs spiders,skeles,zombies,creepers and not only was I taking 0 damage and one shotting the mobs but I was getting little to no progression while I was killing the mobs on the edge of the border. The worst part about this though is that im running the pack around until my fireball comes off CD it just didn't feel exciting at all as I wasn't gaining a whole lot, I can see Progression slowing down eventually but I think the first half of the levels should be fairly quick to keep players excited about gaining new skills. Outside of this the Profession side of things I opted with Mining for the extra ores and it seemed to be going equally as slow inbetween Day & Night I was rotating trying to keep my progression above the community however it just seems so lackluster and boring I'm not really sure what to do. I know once dungeons are added though it will hopefully create some sort of feel for fun while leveling.

Progression pt 2- So as a SOLO player I feel very vulnerable on herocraft as I always have it seems like everything you do here requires you to be with some sort of community within the server which makes starting out with absolutely no friends that still play MC a living nightmare I truthfully think you should be able to get some sort of cash for killing mobs and such which may also make grinding less tedious and another incentive to do so. Just my thoughts though.

Overall- I think Herocraft has a ton of potential I think with a slight rework of some of the classes and a boost in the progression part of things will make the server more exciting. I noticed in the /class there was all of these classes and professions that said Not released yet I don't understand why releasing more classes would help Rework the current ones and make them more exciting and make sense. Every MMORPG I've ever played the Mage style classes always have great damage and utility but die extremely quick forcing you to properly use their kit or to suffer the consequences. Warrior style classes have always been the "easier" goto for casual players to still perform well but not have a high skill ceiling. Rogue style classes along with mages have always been that kind of get in and get out style class. Classes should have to use abilities to perform well in a PVP environment not Smash W and left click. I hope that none of this was taken offensively as its just my thoughts and criticism as I truely miss minecraft and heroes and would love to see Herocraft do well.

Future of herocraft(ideas id love to see implemented):End game Ideas.

Reputation with various things- Add a reputation system to where if you have high reputation with certain places you can buy certain armor, titles, cosmetics, ANYTHING be creative

Arenas(1v1, 2v2, 3v3): Arenas are always good fun to do however if this is added it needs incentive e.g. Coins, Armor, Titles, Reputation, Cosmetics

Questing: Incentive while leveling also a goal rather than mindlessly spamming left click or one ability on mobs.

Non- Instantce Dungeons: Open world dungeons with bosses add some risk while youre trying to level or gather rare items out of a dungeon(Make certain quests require you to kill that boss or gather a rare item off that boss and return it for loot/EXP/Reputation)

Instanced Raids: Add high scale PVEing to do on your main character that will drop high tier loot, items, coins, maybe even Experience that you can transfer to an alt.

Get rid of the Enchanting profession and make enchanted items drop out of dungeons, off rares, and out of raids, make you earn the high tier gear give people the incentive to do these things such as questing, reputation farming, arenas, dungeons, whatever just make it more of the MMORPG feel

I know some of these ideas are probably hard to do but it's just ideas if the server had some of these things implemented I'm sure the server would blow up and keep players around and have their minds blown at the amount of content / progression there actually would be. You get back what you put in if you release the same server with the same classes chances are people are just going to play for Nostalgia then leave and it'll be hard to grab new players HC has never been super New player friendly its always been hopes to get into a town that would be willing to help you out, to be new player friendly you have to be SOLO friendly as well as group friendly sure add the incentive to join a town but also make it easy to play as a solo. Adding High skill ceiling classes that could destroy multiple players that just Mash W and Left click would be the best feeling in the world.