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Suggestion Beta Balance Thread


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Apr 1, 2013
Been a while since I've posted one of these but here we go. As it has become apparent to those who have been playing beta so far, many of the classes are underwhelming to play due to the decreased skill count (among other things) from previous iterations of hc to where we are now. As Kain said in a previous thread, our goal with remastered is to return to "simplistic classes", but we fell short by simply trimming skills without tuning the ones we kept to account for a decreased count. In a perfect world we would "start from scratch" and take the time to rework all the classes with new yet nostalgic mechanics and some fun skills, but we don't have the time or the manpower to do that as of now. That being said, we have thousands of skills between hc/heroes reborn to pull from so we'll be adding in some extra skills to try to fill out the classes and get everything in solid shape.

As a disclaimer, this is just a suggestion thread specifically for combat classes where I'm going to get my initial thoughts/plans for each class on paper and I will update when I can based on feedback/other people on the team and when I hear of other issues. Final changes will be posted in a patch notes thread at a later date.

Overall Heroes Changes:
  • Allow stamina regeneration while sprinting
  • Disable Races until later phase

  • Test passive skill "Holy Inspiration" to make sure working properly - tooltip/player reports has the passive reducing incoming heals rather increasing
  • Add Disarm
  • Add Layhands (Drains remaining mana pool on cast)
  • Increase Reckoning radius from 8 ->10 blocks
  • Decrease Reckoning cooldown from 16 ->12 seconds
  • Add DreadAura (Every few seconds damage nearby targets for X damage, healing a % of damage done)
  • Lower Darkscythe cooldown from 25 -> 16
  • Increase Terror max distance from 4 -> 8
  • Decrease Terror cooldown from 18 -> 15
  • Increase Petrify duration from 3 -> 8 seconds
  • Fix tooltips to remove "sword usage" as that feature has been removed for a while
  • Add visual indicator for user targeted by "Art of War"
  • Add ParryMagic (Reflect next incoming magical attack)
  • Increase Masamune duration from 8 -> 10 seconds
  • Add PiercingStrike (Deal X armor piercing damage)
  • Add Tremor (Deal X damage and send nearby enemies flying)
  • Add AccentedStrikes (While active your weapon deals X additional damage)
  • Add DoomstarRequiem (Knocks enemies back and deals X damage)
  • Add DevourMagic as passive (This was the initial plan so not sure what happened here)
  • Add ToxicRune (Upon application to target deals X damage every Y seconds)
  • Add Runeword (Your target receives X% more magic damage for Y seconds)
  • Change shuriken requirement from netherstar -> flint
  • Add Blind (Blind the target and render them incapable of using targeted skills for X seconds)
  • Add Blackjack (Deal X damage and briefly stun the target. This skill is more effective if used from behind.)
  • Ranger is the class I'm least experienced with so I will need a lot of help on this one, initial thoughts are to replicate "Pathfinder's" kit from Reborn. Will elaborate later
  • Add Clarity (Increases party regen for X seconds)
  • Adjust Aetherorb velocity/numbers so the skill is working properly
  • Add Entangle (Roots the target for X seconds or until damaged)
  • Add Evocation (Channel to increase mana regen)
  • Add Aethermissiles (Summon 5 projectiles that deal X damage to your target, with increasing damage per missile hit)
  • Add Cauterize (Remove fire ticks and bleed effects from your target)
  • Increase Decay range from 6 -> 8 blocks
  • Add Harmshield (For X seconds your incoming damage is reduced by Y%)
  • Increase Sacredword range from 8 -> 10 blocks
  • Increase Divineblessing range from 8 -> 10 blocks
  • Add Revive (Revive a dead member of your party)
  • Add Sacredtouch (Heal your target for X health)
  • Double check chant is functioning
  • Double check faith is functioning
  • Add Overgrowth (Summon a tree at your feet which stands for X seconds)
  • Add Reincarnate (Revive a dead member of your party)
  • Add Might (Your party deals X% more weapon damage for Y seconds)
  • Remove health cost for CombustBlood
  • Add Infusion (Heal your target X health, increasing per level of bloodunion)
  • Add Awaken (Revive a dead member of your party)
  • Increase Boilblood range from 8 -> 10 blocks
  • Add Renewal (Heal your target for X health)
  • Add Ironfist (Deal X damage to nearby enemies and slow them for Y seconds)

This is a first draft and I will be updating as the week progresses.
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Aug 19, 2021
United States
I can second the wizard, Honestly though instead of adding root add frostbolt aside from root take out fireball or maybe add slow. FIx ender pearls, teleport, and group teleport.
Ninja(Remove backflip, change it to jump or sprint it makes more sense for the classes roll).

My personal opinion every class should have a few more skills/passives to make it feel like youre gaining more especially through progression. every 5 levels seems devastating especially at a higher level, I can throw out ideas if this is a suggestion you seriously are interested in. I wish all classes could have all cool spells like dragon smash or firenado.

Firenado also has terrible pathing on players seems to stick to mobs just fine on players the pathing is awful.


Aug 19, 2021
United States
Class idea- Shadow Mage or Void Mage
Description- A rogue mage hybrid that strikes its enemies from the shadows.
Base Damage- 32(Dia Sword)
Armor- Leather, Gold helm, Gold boots

Invis- Turn invisible for a short period of time(Kind of like fade)

Shadowing Howl- AOE SIlence your enemies preventing all spell casting/ability use for 5 seconds.(10 block radius? 1 second cast time 30s CD?)

Shadow Bolt- Aimable projectile instant cast dealing 65 damage and causing wither effect for 3 seconds.(Make this a decent range castable maybe like snowball? on a 12s CD)

Corruption- Deals 40 damage plus an additional 80 damage over 12 seconds( 8 block range)

Shadow Aura(Toggleable)- Regenerates 15 mana every so often to all players within 10 blocks, Drains nearby enemy's(10-15 blocks) mana increasing the mana you and your allys regenerate.

Lifesteal(Passive)- Steal the health from your opponents (6 health per swing this can vary with the base damage of your weapons, you can either increase this or decrease this)

Blink- Various factors into this ability but it does need some sort of mobility as it will be squishy.

Shadowstrike- 60 Damage instant cast x2 Damage if done from invis or if done to an enemy effected by wither.

Haunt- 5 block cone effect that disorientates enemies vision for 3 seconds, silences for 1.5 seconds, causes wither for 5 seconds,Slowing for 1.5 seconds, and deals 80 damage

I know that these damages and everything would need to be modified for balancing needs it's just a rough draft I thought up while running around. Classes like this would be tons of fun to play IMO, and would also synergize with certain classes well. Just a thought on it let me know what you think.


Aug 19, 2021
United States
for paladin
Replace Hero's call with Devotion aura. Make absolution instant cast, make consencration hit everything including players.

Devotion aura(toggleable)- Make you and allies within 10 blocks take 10% less damage
Aug 24, 2021
USA EST Timezone
I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but Dragonsmash is being really weird. I'm using it and when I do the recast to land on the ground, nothing happens. I'm not sure if something is wrong with just me, or if it's like a bug, idk.


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Jun 19, 2011
New Zealand
Druid Port gives this message when doing /skill port list
Might probably only do this because it is test server but I'm unsure

Description incorrect as per below, same applies to forcepush
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Aug 24, 2021
USA EST Timezone
Ik you already know this Irish but stam regen would be nice to have in the test server so we get a real feel for how the classes will do in that regard, with the proper rate of regen (cause iirc apparently it regens way too fast rn in the main server). Tumble would be nice too, I think, for all the classes. Just saying this so its put out there.


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Jun 19, 2011
New Zealand
Cleric skill cleanse does not dispel poison effect

The intent is the skill is probably eworded wrong. Either way most heals use 10% mana so it is kind of redundant

New cleric skill SacredTouch has no cooldown
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