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  1. Dogrules23

    Long time no see...a question

    I just got an email from Herocraft and then remembered how much fun I used to have on it. I'd love to come back but I'm not sure which version of Minecraft I need to have installed. So, what version of Minecraft do I need installed to play on the server again?
  2. R

    Bug Help me

    What to do? It keeps this error
  3. Eldrex

    [World] Add Daily Bonuses / Objectives

    I've been playing Herocraft quite a bit lately, and I've been getting a little bored sometimes.. I don't really know what to do, even though there are lots of things I CAN do and my class is currently maxed; so I took the time to think of some ways to help solve this for players who are dealing...
  4. Khoshekh


    Ok, So I have played before but it's been like a year, and I have a few questions: Do I have to walk all the way to the dungeons coordinates to get there or is there some sort of warp i'm missing? Do I have to be a certain level to do some or is it just advised? Also I have a mini...

    Suggestion Incentives For Social Media!

    We the staff of Herocraft wish to give out rewards and bonuses to the community for liking, sharing, subscribing and just generally getting our name out there so we can enlarge our player base while making you happy. We are currently coming up with ideas for this but we also need YOUR HELP! Tell...
  6. S

    Bug bugs

    I'm sorry if this is not the right place to post this. At 11:01am exactly I had a huge lag spike and was kicked from the server. When I tried to get back on it said that connection was closed remotely by admin. Thinking it was on my end I tried restarting my computer (twice), Uninstalling and...
  7. Moisty

    H.C. Lore Video [Resources Needed]

    I'm not a regular video recorder on Youtube, but I am aware on how to create and edit them. Due to the neglect to the server lore, I have taken it upon myself to make an attempt at creating a video dedicating to teaching the viewers the rich lore of the server. For this to happen, I must have...
  8. Moisty

    Need Help w/ Macro-Keybind Mod

    I know that we have the CD's listed on top of our exp bar, but I'm the type of guy who wants everything listed right in my HUD. Can someone walk me step-by-step on how to list all my spells that are ready on the side of my screen? If somebody has a whole configuration of this for a Dreadknight...
  9. L4RVIS

    Help me!

    I don't know how, but since a while ago that when i enter the server i just can't move and start teleporting to i don't know where and downloading the resource until it breaks and says "back to title screen", i would realy apreciate someones help, plz.
  10. Z

    How to Herocraft (Guide)

    I just finished making, and uploading, a group of videos for teaching noobs how to play Herocraft. I've gotten some help from the admin with this, and getting to the turorial area to film this and explain what things mean and in further detail, because the mass majority of noobs don't bother...