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NewAtlas Revisited Notes


The Disposable Hero
Staff member
Adventure Team
Jan 7, 2011
The 7th Circle of Heaven
So people can see what we're working on...

Fixed the ShopChest plugin to allow selling of goldbars to shops at spawn
Skill prep/learn system in testing, adding a prepare-costs system so players can choose which skills to prepare with a max alottment.
Removed Knockback Resist from Basic Mobs.
Shears are now usable by all classes, once again.
Add better loot to the Random Loot Chest.

To do:
Fix anvils so upgrades can be done (@Ampayne2 fix it for relics!)
Add back all skills to all classes with the prepared-use: true with prepared-use-costs
Fix stamina system @andrew2060

Make sure the drop rates are set correctly
Set the dungeons down in the new beta 2 map and save it for final use.
Set down herogates in the beta 2 map
Set the spawn down in beta 2

Set down shops for goldbar selling
Configure the Kingdoms resourcepoint gains.
Samurai's windwalk skill is borked and does damage

/skill port list gives some broken url and not a list of places to port to
Relics for classes that will no longer exist are still dropping
Kingdom turrets appear to do very very little damage
Entangle doesnt work on some mobs.
Tweak the limit on height for the Random Loot Chests.
Bleed is missing from Samurai
Alchemist are unable to place down brewing stands

Stacks of blocks do not count for more resource points. (config issue) (@LordZelkova - change config)
Remove knockback resist from gear (or lower it EXTREMELY)
Balance the mob health for invading kingdom nexus
Add back old skills onto classes

Hellgate lacks a warp world.
Look into improving mobs (@xexorian )
Shears can't be used because they require ArtisanCrafter yet no one gets that.
Select skills to be research only skills (combine items via a specific permission class (Scribe?)

Make it so a level 5 can't realistically go level in a last tier dungeon.
Explore armor weight so if you are over your limit, you wont be able to move functionality or you would have no regen (stam, health, mana, energy shield)
Add HeroGates
Add Spawn structures

At a later date, enable stat shielding.
Make sure that the regen rates, damage reduction and offense for kingdoms is set SUPER low.
Remove the ability to turn off TNT with an upgrade.
Turret damage needs an asesssment
Select turrets to disable because some are terrible.

Remove LWC's and rely on Kingdoms and Enderchest for chest protection.
Check fire/lava damage to players (May need to be higher)
Durability on weapons are very different
Enderpearl use via a tome fragment, consider using non-teleport items for fragments.
Ranger codex cant be crafted.

Fearless only makes you take 25% more damage instead of increasing your by 35%.
In arena the first hit you take from certain skills, like fireball or ice bolt, does no damage. After you enter combat tho they work fine
Look into permission issues with command items.

Set the number of turrets per land to be a bit lower.
Healing station heals for very little.
Look into the Backpack size issue
Check into Rampart Vine not working
Set the specific random mobs to spawn between X-Y levels around the map and in dungeons.
Add Loot Crate Keys back to the system
Add Vote Crates to the voting commands
ShadowStep skill is not working (nothing on use)
Shields drain stamina while being held.

Look into Permission Skills not loading issues.
Re-enable petition tickets.
Decrease the durability of armor.
Create new Terrain for Sanctum

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