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HAVEN - List of Untrustworthy Players - New Map will have New List


Legacy Supporter 8
Jun 16, 2011
Dylandadon: invited him to town because he was friends with sadiecharlie and we were friends with sadie charlie and his crew back then because they were in the town, and when i gave him perms to town, he acted like he couldnt accept the town invite because he said there was a problem and it wouldnt let him accept. he had perms though, and he stole things from the town and nothing we could do because he was NOT PART OF THE TOWN. THIS IS THE REASON ROANOKE DIED
Was that on Haven?


Legacy Supporter 3
May 23, 2013
Name - Mazman100
Story - I invited him to my town, simply to discover later that I had forgotten to force him to accept the town invite, yet had given him regions. By the time I had realized this, he had already made off with nearly half a stack of diamond blocks from a friend's chest. Is an untrustworthy townie.
Reference - @jasonc1111


Dec 22, 2012
These players have committed legal but evil actions in which they confiscate or steal items by using their access to a regioned area.

This is a list of Untrustworthy Players, and you should seriously consider the risk if you think these players are trying to scam you or your town.

Current Untrustworthy list:

CanDoBlue: Cast out nearly everyone in his town (Enchanted Hollow) in a single night, and only let some people reclaim their items. Is an Untrustworthy Mayor!
Reference: Server, @Dsawemd

: Paid 400 souls for a noble plot and a Friend paid 600 souls. Ruger392 was the owner of the region, and after leaving the Friend's town he then removed his Friend's access to the plot, confiscating all the items within. Is an Untrustworthy Residence/Plot Owner!
Reference: @Irishman81

ReaperOfShadow: Kicked from his town for stealing a huge amount of Gold and Souls, both from his leaders and from the new players who were also in his town! Is an Untrustworthy Town Member!
Reference: @hilltim1

FrankyDemon1996: After Purchasing the town of Enchanted Hollow, Franky decided to kick his SiC in an extremely hostile takeover due to fact that his SiC pvp'd with another Alliance just once. Franky proceeds to rail on that same enemy Alliance the most out of his Town's members in chat and in pvp. However, when Franky was kicked from Enchanted Hollow (see CanDoBlue's Entry) he chose to align himself with that same enemy Alliance. Is an Untrustworthy Passionate Political Flip-flopper.
Reference: @munchlaxhero
After being kicked from his town (Enchanted Hollow), Franky discovered that he was still on Region Permissions about a week later. He returned and stole from his former townmates. Is an Untrustworthy Former Town Member.
Reference: @Evanist

MichaelRL: After leaving his town (Sentinel), MichaelRL discovered that he was still on Region Permissions after some time. He returned and took items from his OWN house, but he murdered his old townmates while doing so. Assuming that he had the option of a non-violent avenue to regain his items... Is an Untrustworthy Former Town member.
Reference: @MichaelRL , lol

Mazman100: Was invited to town, did not accept the town invite (and no one double-checked), yet he was given access to regions. By the time I had realized this, he had already made off with nearly half a stack of diamond blocks from a friend's chest. Is an Untrustworthy Town Applicant.
Reference - @jasonc1111

Dylandabon: Pretended to not understand or receive the town invite, while abusing the region perms the town already gave to him. Is an Untrustworthy Town Applicant.
Reference - @joeyjojo60

Format for Submitting a Name to the Untrustworthy List:
Name: Story
Reference: NAME. Preferably a staff member or unbiased player, but anyone can submit a player and anyone can be a reference.

  • No drama from non-regioned areas. This means only Towns, Residences, and regioned Plots.

It does not matter if there is a seemingly reasonable justification for the abuse of permissions to steal or confiscate items, if the player gains any items from a region maliciously, they go on this list.

You shouldn't be posting false information... You clearly don't know anything about what happened with EH.


Feb 5, 2014
I know This is very outdated BUT I think it needs to be said @CanDoBlue Should not be on This List, FrankyDemon lost a 1v1 to True and I had just gotten on and Franky just out of no where kicks me from town saying I poked him on ts When I didn't even have ts open, Then CanDo kicked Franky due to him doing this and all of Franky's Friends Due to thinking they would steal because they all got into town just because of Franky.
CanDo Even Offered to let me and Trazil back Into the town And Gave us our Items Back.
That is not the reason candoblue kicked yall from the town xD he was selling the town :p


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Jun 16, 2011
list is dead get off my lawn

edit: It is very hard to do this list without being at least Mod.
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Balance Team
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Apr 1, 2013
When I'm back from the beach on Monday I will try to make a list like this.