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  1. shepdog2

    Loredale - Recruiting

    Accepted. Accepted. Accepted.
  2. shepdog2

    Loredale - Recruiting

    @TimForReal Is there anyway that our town can get an in-game channel and a shortened link to the thread?
  3. shepdog2

    Misthalin, The Magic Capital.

    Age: Not discloseing IGN: shepdog2 Timezone: EST How long have you played HeroCraft: around 3 years Class/profession and level: Shadowblade 32, Enchanter 33 Why do you want to join Misthalin: A few friends are in here and its nice to be a part of something big like this. On a Scale of 1-10, what...
  4. shepdog2

    Loredale - Recruiting

    Loredale Loredale, the town of mysteries and enigmas, alone, we are nothing, together we are an unstoppable force, an ever tightening bond, bound by together by our past, our present, our future, our lore. Loredale is currently recruiting members. Any profession will do, any class. We're just...