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  1. Egorh

    Bug Earthwall

    Can confirm that both the earthpull/pulse do not interact with the current earthwall @Kainzo
  2. Egorh

    Questions about the state of PvP from an old player

    Its 2017, you can't just assume what people are into now.
  3. Egorh


    I'm a fan of limiting true item protection to ender chests.
  4. Egorh

    Major Class Revamping - Lets Do It Properly

    Health shielding is definitely possible, even without absorption hearts. It is not that hard to take incoming damage and apply it to a different integer. You would obviously need a bunch of checks making sure any damage that goes beyond the shield is then applied to the health. I don't know...
  5. Egorh

    Suggestion Blinded By Particles

    Overall a lot of the time I can't see much while fighting do to some skills having an absurd amount of particles/fireworks. There are some settings in optifine for "Decreased Particles" but it doesn't seem to do anything. My suggestion: Reduce particles in skills that cause issues Turn off...
  6. Egorh

    Major Class Revamping - Lets Do It Properly

    I don't think we should bother with a primary/secondary role system. Trying to follow through giving them proper things so they fit both roles as best as they can will probably limit ideas that make a great class. Of course when you do a class you always take into account what is that class'...
  7. Egorh

    Major Class Revamping - Lets Do It Properly

    Together with a few others we managed to bang out some classes that are pretty close to the list. The goal when designing them is for them to fill a specific role and for it to be fun. A lot of class revamps in my previous post are going to have to be disregarded and there is going to be a lot...
  8. Egorh

    Major Class Revamping - Lets Do It Properly

    Irrelevant information was here (edited out so people don't look at information thats not going to happen at all)
  9. Egorh

    Major Class Revamping - Lets Do It Properly

    Did I not add accelerando? My bad. I had mean't to. Edit: Added accelerando and drop the bass together (looks like theyll work decently together in my head). And is there any point in bothering to include song of respiration, how often does a group go mass drowning (except for towns in water...
  10. Egorh

    Major Class Revamping - Lets Do It Properly

    I'd rather add a constant slow. The goal is to come from far away, invisible, and then go into a fight. You wouldn't be able to do that without stamina. For recurring skills do you want unique functionality (brand new code), or a basic copy (something like DarkScyth for Envenom). Renaming the...