Herocraft Online

A Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer Network with an extensive class system, pvp, townships and more!

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Class System

Minecraft RPG Server multiplayer composed of 18 Classes, ran off the Heroes™ framework built by Herocraft. Each class has a set of skills that can be used in PvP and other various tasks. Pick a class, level it, earn skills.

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Berserker    Paladin    Dreadknight    Dragoon    Samurai


Ninja    Ranger    Runeblade    Bard


Pyromancer    Wizard    Necromancer    Beguiler


Cleric    Druid    Bloodmage    Disciple    Shaman


Herochat is our chat channel system.

This divides chat into separate channels instead of one massive global channel. There are channels for; trading, help, out of character and more!

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Our server utilizes the Townships 3.0™ plugin, built and serviced by the Herocraft Development Team.

This system allows you to create your own Town with friends. Defend it, Build it up, and conquer all the rest.

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Explore dark caverns with your friends, kill mobs, fight bosses, and best of all earn EXP to level your class.

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Herocraft uses our hand crafted HeroBounty™ plugin to allow you to put a hit on someone.

With HeroBounty you can place a bounty on another player's head for a certain amount of currency. When the player's bounty is fulfilled, the killer receives money and trophy for the bounty completion.

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Herocraft has an amazing Economy. We have our own Trading District where players can buy their own shop and sell goods.

We also have a constantly running chat for trading, here you can advertise your goods, or try to find something to purchase.

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